Hi, I’m Jan, a Software Developer from Germany.


  • In 2003 I developed my first program in Basic after being given a laptop and a book about game-programming.
  • 2008 I started a part-time job, where I developed some programs and created some UIs in Visual FoxPro.
  • 2010 I began to study “Applied information technology” at the “Duale Hochschule”, where I alternated between work and study in intervals of about three months.
  • 2013 I received by “Bachelor of Science” and started my first full-time job at UB-Software GmbH.
  • In 2016 I got promoted to be the CTO.
  • Since 2019 I’m one of three CEOs, the others being my father, who founded the company in 1991 and my younger brother.


I’m currently participating in the following open-source projects:

  • docspell
    A personal document organizer using OCR and AI to automatically get information from your files.
  • restic
    A cross-platform, de-duplicating backup software written in Go.